Frequently Asked Questions

Seller FAQ

What is your process for coming up with an offer?

In order to give you the best possible price for your property, a lot goes into coming up with an offer. We take the time to reach out to the county to learn several factors that affect the value of the land – i.e., parcel size, access, available utilities, nearby amenities, etc.

We also look at comparable surrounding properties in order to get an idea of the current market value around the specific area we are researching. This includes properties that are both for sale and have sold within the past twelve months. If no comparable vacant land is available, we view houses built on similar parcels.    

How long does it usually take for you to get an offer to me? 

We send our offers via USPS every Friday. From the date you requested an offer, you should receive it within seven to ten business days. We generally mail the offers in a small manilla envelope, marked “Important/Documents Enclosed.” 

Can you email me an offer?

Due to our business model, we are required to send all offers via USPS. We include a self-addressed envelope with every offer for you to return your signed Sale Agreement in the mail – however, we are able to accept the return of this signed document by either fax or email. 

I called the number on your letter and was directed to a call center – why?

There are only two of us who work full-time, and one who works part-time. Due to the volume of calls we receive, we deemed it necessary to bring in a call center so that we could better invest our time working in other aspects of the business.

Why does your call center ask me so many questions?

The employees at the call center follow a script, which was written to obtain the most pertinent information about the property you wish to sell. We receive this information and are able to locate your record in our system so that we can move forward with sending you an offer.

We understand that sometimes there is information you do not wish to share. Please understand that the answers you give us will remain private and we only use your information to better serve you. The more information you are able to share, the easier and quicker the process is for getting you an offer. The only instance we may need to share something is in working with a title company, as they will require your information as the seller. Otherwise, we will never sell or share your information with any third-party companies.   

How long will it take to close on my property? 

To answer this honestly – it depends. In our Sale Agreement, we give ourselves a six-month window to close on any property. However, that number is not always set in stone. There are several variables that go into closing on a property. This includes our secondary due-diligence, working with title-companies, fluctuations in the market, etc.

Most of the time, we are able to close well before the six-month window. Unfortunately, there are instances when six months is not long enough. In this circumstance, we will give you the option to extend the closing date or cancel the contract.   

What is involved in the closing process? 

It depends on whether or not we are using a title company to close. If we close with a title company, they will make all the arrangements to close, including reaching out to you to explain their process.

If we are self-closing, we will send you a Deed, which will assign ownership of the property over to Harvester Property Investments, LLC.

You will need to have this document signed and notarized. You will then need to send us the original of this Deed via USPS. Counties will not accept a copy of the Deed. We take care of the rest!  

When will you pay me for my property? 

If we close with a title company, they will send you your funds at the time of closing.

If we are self-closing on your property, at the time of closing, we will send you a Cashier’s Check for half of the agreed upon amount, along with the Deed you will need to get notarized. Once we receive the signed and notarized Deed, we will pay the balance of the purchase amount to you, which you will receive as another Cashier’s Check via USPS Certified Mail.  

Do you always use a title company to close on a property?

We will always use a title company to research the chain of title, in order to guarantee that there are no title issues with the parcel. However, we will often self-close on properties that are valued below $10,000.

In these instances (where we self-close), if you would like to use a title company to close, you are responsible for paying the closing costs due to that company. Otherwise, the closing costs are paid by us!

Your contract says you can market my property – what does that mean? 

As land investors, we are constantly looking for properties to purchase, with the benefit being that we are able to help you, the seller. Sometimes, we are unable to purchase the parcel immediately. In these instances, our business model requires us to market your property for sale. If this does happen, no additional action is required by you – we do all of the work to get your property sold!  

I signed the Sale Agreement and returned it – what next? 

As soon as we receive the signed copy of your Sale Agreement, we begin our secondary due diligence on your property. We stay in constant contact with you, to let you know how things are progressing. If we are working with a title company, they may reach out to you as well.  

Will I get a signed copy of the Sale Agreement once I return it to you? 

Yes! Once we receive the document, we will sign it and return a copy to you via USPS. 

What reason would there be for you to cancel the Sale Agreement?

Once we begin our secondary due diligence, we work with a title company to make sure there are no loans, liens or mortgages against your property, or any other title issues.

If these issues do arise, we consider them very carefully before canceling any Sale Agreement. As it is our mission to help those who have found themselves with unwanted property, we strive to never cancel a contract.

Unfortunately, if we are unable to resolve these issues – either with the county, the title company or by some other means – then we are forced to cancel the Sale Agreement.  

I don’t agree with your offer for my property – what can I do?

Our offer is one hundred percent no-obligation – if you don’t agree with it, you need take no further action. However, if you wish to counter with an offer of your own, we will always take that into consideration.

Can I sell you my house?

At this time, we are only investing in raw, vacant land. We do not buy buildings of any sort – houses or otherwise. 

General FAQ

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Who is HPI, LLC? 

Harvester Property Investments is an LLC dedicated to helping people who have found themselves burdened by the strain of unwanted property ownership, and those who want to build their dreams by owning a piece of land. We are a small, family-owned company and have our clients’ best interest at heart. It is our mission to strive for excellence to continue giving our customers the best possible experience.  

What is the fastest way to get ahold of you? 

In regard to response time, the fastest way is to email us directly. We usually respond within one to two business days.  

What states do you work in? 

HPI is always expanding! Currently, we are working in Missouri, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and Florida.

If you have a property you would like to sell in a state not listed, no problem! Let us know the state, county and parcel number and we can look into sending you an offer.  

Do you work with a title company? If so, which one? 

We work with several different title companies – if you would like to inquire about a specific one, email us and we will let you know their contact information! 

Learn Our Story:

Christy and Lauren Dyer – a mother and daughter team – are the original founders of Harvester Property Investments, LLC. They started the business in 2013 with the hopes of being able to make a difference not only in their own lives, but in the lives of others. Originally, HPI was destined to invest in mobile home parks, to help build, maintain and allow them the opportunity to grow.

Unfortunately, life got in the way and their hopes were put on the backburner. Five years later, in 2018, they brought in Rebecca Dyer – another daughter – and Harvester Property Investments was given another chance.

The mother-daughter team worked diligently to make their business grow.

Now, HPI has become a business which invests in people, their dreams, and allows hope to thrive for a brighter future – whether it’s selling unwanted property or purchasing the land you’ve dreamt about, we’re here for you.